Birthday kid

So today is my birthday! And it's also 'Lucia' here in sweden (google it, too tired to explain) I feel old. No, not really. But it doesn't relly feel like my birthday to be honest. When you were a kid everything was much funnier and I remember I was suuuper exited for every birthday. But now that I'm older I sort of don't care. And it's boring... I don't wanna get older and not care!!! 
I want to... care! lol. 
Anyway, this is my little birthday outfit!
Blouse - Charity shop
Skirt - Charity shop

I like.... charity.
I have some "exiting" photos from a little photoshoot to show you, were yours truly was in front of the camera! I'm not good at that. Anyway, tomorrow! Early night for me tonight, super tired. Nighty night!

Josefine xx


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