WW2 women and a swimsuit.

Hello guys!
A boring day like this, I feel like writing thousands of blogposts, sharing amazing photos with you, eat a lot of gingerbread and drink tea. So that's what I'm going to do. And I'm going to work a bit too.
So, I have a little confession to make. I'm a quite obsessed with WW2. It all started when I was in 4th grade or something and read Anne Franks diary for the first time. But then 9th grade, we had the best civics teacher who made everything he said so interesting, and at that point the WW2 was on our schedule. All 9th graders went to Poland with our teachers, to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau. All I can say is: IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Everything was. We stayed at a super cosy hotel in beautiful Zakopane, went shopping, went skiing, visited a synagogue, went to Krakow, visited a school and got to talk to the students who studied there, and of course: we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau. I remember the Auschwitz museum the most, we wandered around there, looking at the photos of people with their heads shaved, horrible photos of people who were starving and they were so thin so thin, you can't even imagine! It was scary, breathtaking, cool (even if it feels super wrong to say that), it was so many feelings at the same time! We saw the hair of thousands of women (wich they have saved in the museum), also thousands of childrens shoes, portfolios/suitcases, even a little spot with thousands of glasses! It truly was amazing, and I got even more obsessed with the whole thing. We also read a book at that time in school (maybe before we went I don't remember) it's called 'Fateless'  and is written by Imre Kertész. I remember I loved that book! I feel I need to buy it now. I have seen the movie which I also thought was really good. I actually downloaded it yesterday (as I haven't seen it in a couple of years). Even though I'm really 'fascinated' about WW2 I haven't seen that many films, do you have any tips of good WW2 films? Share with me!

Anyway, lately I've been wanted to go back to Poland, as I thought it was an amazing country. And because I've only got good memories from our trip there. So my friend Danni and I are planning to go back this spring, we found some crazy cheap tickets, like $56, for TWO tickets! ahhh I can't wait. Were also going to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau again (of course) and I'm going to take loads of pictures I promise you. I also have to visit vintage shops there!! does anyone know if there's any nice ones?

In the meanwhile, look at these amazing photos! Ladies from the WW2, truly inspiring. Their hair, clothes, everything!!

The art assembly line of female students busily engaged in copying World War II propaganda posters in Port Washington, New York, on July 8, 1942. The master poster is hanging in the background.

A group of young Jewish resistance fighters are being held under arrest by German SS soldiers in April/May 1943, during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German troops after an uprising in the Jewish quarter. 

American film actress Veronica Lake, illustrates what can happen to women war workers who wear their hair long while working at their benches, in a factory somewhere in America, on November 9, 1943. 
She herself could have long hair just because she was a screen actress, but don't copy it!! she said.

These Northwestern University girls brave freezing weather to go through a Home Guard rifle drill on the campus in Evanston, Illinois on January 11, 1942. From left to right are: Jeanne Paul, age 18, of Oak Park, Illinois,; Virginia Paisley, 18, of Lakewood, Ohio; Marian Walsh, 19, also from Lakewood; Sarah Robinson, 20, of Jonesboro, Arkansas,; Elizabeth Cooper, 17, of Chicago; Harriet Ginsberg, 17

Movie actress Ida Lupino, is a lieutenant in the Women's Ambulance and Defense Corps and is shown at a telephone switch board in Brentwood, California, on January 3, 1942. In an emergency she can reach every ambulance post in the city. It is in her house and from here she can see the whole Los Angeles area. 

Women and children, some of over 40,000 concentration camp inmates liberated by the British, suffering from typhus, starvation and dysentery, huddle together in a barrack at Bergen-Belsen, Germany, in April 1945.
Some of the S.S. women whose brutality was equal to that of their male counterparts at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Bergen, Germany, on April 21, 1945.

Two women of the German anti-aircraft gun auxiliary operating field telephones during World War II.

The first contingent of U.S. Army nurses to be sent to an Allied advanced base in New Guinea carry their equipment as they march single file to their quarter on November 12, 1942. The first four in line from right are: Edith Whittaker, Pawtucket, Rhode Island,; Ruth Baucher, Wooster, O.; Helen Lawson, Athens, Tennessee,; and Juanita Hamilton, of Hendersonville, North Carolina

And!! I came across this little beauty on ebay a few weeks ago. A swimtuit that belonged to a WW2 naval officer! How cool is that? I don't know if it's wearable at all (the guy who sold it to me don't want to promise anything either) as it's been lying in a box for 70 years. It need a really good wash and after that, we'll see!
I just think it's super pretty! The color and the blue and white details on it. 

After I found it I decided to start collecting things from WW2. I've always wanted to have a hobby of some sort, collect something. But I've never found something for me. Now I just realised this is a great idea! Wish me good luck ;)
Hope you enjoyed the post! 
Josefine xx


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