I'm getting bobbed!

As I've been moaning about before, I really can't wait to chop my hair off. I've wanted a bob haircut since years, but been to affraid to cut it, and have always been thinking that it won't fit me. But, I am not cutting it as short as in the pictures, maybe a bit longer. And I think it will fit, and I must stop being such a pussy! I will finally be able to style my hair as I want, without my hair being too heavy and thick. It'll be great!! 
I was a bit nervous at first and thought, 'Oh then I can't do any 40's hairstyles, only 20's and 30's'.. but I've seen many 1940s hairstyle tutorials for short hair lately. So I'm even more exited.
What do you think of the haircut?


Postat av: Alma

Tror du kommer passa skitbra i det! :D

2012-11-28 @ 23:34:40
URL: http://swingitbaby.blogspot.se

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