Photoshoot with Else

Jag fotade Else igen för en ny serie, ni kan hitta resten av bilderna på min facebook sida: och på min fotoblogg (alla bilder har dock inte kommit upp där än): . Och så måste ni ju självklart säga vad ni tycker om bilderna! Behöver all feedback jag kan få ;)
Three photos from my photoshoot I had last sunday with Else. You can find the rest of the photos on my facebook page:  or on my photoblog: (all of the photos are not up there yet though).. feel free to say what you think about the photos! I need all feedback I can get ;)


Postat av: Ruby Armoire

I think that the low contrast really adds to the images' dream-like qualities, your friend has all the right expressions too! Really lovely! My favourite images are the first few - gorgeously faded and haunting in a subtle way. Amazing!

Ruby xx

2012-11-14 @ 23:07:44
Postat av: Josefine

oh thank you so much Ruby :) that is exactly what I'm looking for in my photos. Dream-like pictures :)
She is pretty, right? :)
Thanks so much for your kind words again! xxx

2012-11-14 @ 23:19:08

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