Downton Abbey exhibition and cinnamon buns

Hey lovelies! I've been terribly busy with work and other things last week, but now wanted to share with you some photos from my weekend! Or, mostly of how I spent my Sunday. 
Jens came to me (and stayed at my place) on saturday evening. We had such a lovely time, ate a super delicious dinner and dessert. AH <3

On Sunday we went to town to meet up with Jens grandma and the three of us visited Hallwylska wich is a museum here in Stockholm, were they have a Downtown Abbey exhibition at the moment. We saw the downtown abbey exhibition (of course) and after that we went on a little tour with a guide who showed us some nice rooms and told us a lot about the history of the museum. About the countess Wilhelmina von hallwyll and count Whalther won hallwyll. It was soo interesting. Here are some photos from our day at the museum:

I was happy like a little kid on christmas when we finally walked in, BEAUTIFUL interior, literally died.

The clothes were amazing! as you probably can tell I wandered around there drooling. Look at the details!

Found some gorgeous herb cans, the funny thing is I found almost identical ones at the charity shop the day before. And I DIDN'T buy them. I hope they're still there, I need them.

The furniture was to DIE for!!!!!!! I want my apartment to look like that!


Amazing dresses!


This was one of my favourite dresses! It's sooo fabolous I would die to have it in my wardrobe.

My second favourite dress! Just look at it :O droool

these two were also pretty as hell!

and now some photos from the tour we went on (not the Downton Abbey exhibition)

Countess Wilhelmina and Count Walthers bedroom. It was AMAZING

Some of countess Wilhelminas porcelain collection. I have a similar porcelain figure that I got from my mums neighbors old grandma (who's been dead since forever).. for free. Nice nice

More beautiful porcelain!
After the museum we went to an cafe and had a little "fika" as we say in sweden. The most tasty cinnamon bun I've eaten in years! sort of. 
Hope your week end was amazing too!
josefine xxx


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