Happy new year!!

I'm not dead! I've just been very busy (or none-busy) with things. I thought I should share some photo's of my new years eve. Did you guys have a good one? 
My friend Carro and I went to an old pub called 'Kvarnen' wich also now has a nightclub. It was a brazil themed party, with Samba dancers in cool costumes and other festivities. I had a lovely time!
During the day at work I wore my hair like this, wich I think is more of a day time look, sort of:

And then the evening came and then I did a little updo. The back was a bit messy as I've got to short hair, that's why I pinned it like crazy. Not too pretty with thousands of visible bobby pins maybe but then I sprayed my hair like crazy with sparkly spray so, a little bit better!

I was sparkly everywhere, like Edward. he he
Carro and I.
We met two new friends wich we partied with after the pub closed too.
At my place!

Se you soon!
xx Josefine


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