Like a dream

Hey lovelies! I just came across these amazing photos of my favourite city, London. For you guys who know me are aware of that London is my other home. I've been there probably about 27 times now, worked and lived there for 5 months. I've got so many memories from London and I am totally sure I was an english man in my further life, somewhere in the 1800's. Anyway, here are some photos from 1920-1933:

Billingsgate Fish Market jetty looking north towards Tower Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge and Bankside from the north bank of the Thames
Buckingham Palace at night

Charing Cross Road

Children beneath Southwark Bridge

Covent Garden Underground Station from Long Acre

Crowds outside 'The Newspaper House', Fleet Street

Entrance to Blackfriars Station, Queen Victoria Street

Forecourt of Victoria Station

Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Pier

Benbow Wharf, Bankside

London Pavillion Theatre and Coventry Street from Piccadilly Circus

Monument Street near Billingsgate Market

Trafalgar Square from the steps of St Martin's-in-the-Fields

Trafalgar Square looking south


Whitehall from Parliament Square

Looking southwest from Lower Custom House Stairs

St.Pauls Church Covent Garden

Sunrise over the Upper pool and Hays Wharf

Visitors on the steps of the Tate Gallery
Photographer: George Reid
Josefine xx


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