The new me!

So, I DID IT! This is the new me. And I've never been happier with a haircut I think. Really feel like ME, finally. It suits me more than I thought it would. What do you guys think?

I apologize!

I have no time for blogging at the moment (even though I said I was going to be better at bloging, damn) I just have too much things to do (packing stuff as I'm moving on friday)... So, I thought I should share even more pictures, of another gorgeous lady: Gloria Swanson. Enjoy!


So inspiring!!
Sorry for all these boring blog posts, it will definitely get better when I've moved to my new flat and got everything sorted. 

Monday vintage shopping!

Hello lovelies! It's rather empty here, I know. But I'll try to change that ;) I'm currently packing all my stuff as I'm moving in to my new apartment on friday. Soo loads of things to do but soo little time! hehe. Anyway, I didn't pack anything at all today almost, as mum and I had a little 'shopping day'. But first, we had lunch at a lovely restaurant. This is my lasagna, It was delicious!! 

After our lunch, we visited 'Old Touch' which is my favourite vintage shop in sweden, as you guys probably know by now ;)
I tried some shoes! When I'm there I always find shoes that are too small.. or, as most of them are:
wayy too big. I mean, come on! My feet are quite average in size, but heelll did women have enormous feet back then? It seems like it. Oh well oh well.

I then found this amazing coat!
Excuse the bad photo, my mum doesn't know how to handle an Iphone ;) anyway, I fell completely in love with this coat. It was a bit expencive for me at the moment, and I'm not really looking for a coat as I have my fur coat and an other blue vintage thingy (which isn't as pretty or old as this one, at all but anyway).. but as it really fitted me (it was like made for me, I promise you!) my mum told the staff to reserve it for me and that she will buy it later for me as a birthday gift. How kind is she?! Quite funny though, when I first saw the coat I thought 'oh no, this is way to small for me. It won't fit'.. and then I just put it on and it fitted properly. Super happy.
I was almost taking the 30't hat with me home too (the one i'm wearing) but left it there. why? yeah, good question.

But the found of the day must probaly be this beauty:
A 1920's sweater/top. I DIED when I saw it and took it immediately, tried it on and it fitted too. Such a comfy fabric as well (don't know what it's called). Love the colors on it, omg this beauty and I will have such an amazing time together I'm sure.
Bought some undies too!
Which also fitted perfectly! What hapepned? I never find clothes that fit! haha
So this was a little glimpse of my monday. How was yours?

Fine Friday Ladies

I don't remember where I found these photos (some site) but I was starstrucked or something at that moment, drooled all over the screen I tell ya. Look how pretty they are! Every single one of them. Gosh. Can't stop staring.


The roaring 20's

I love all of these 20's dresses (yeah and the robe).. I've been drooling over 20's dresses, lingerie & coats all day today. I love the 20's. Such a shame I don't have the right figure to wear those kind of clothes. But it's like I'm not gonna care anymore soon, I just want them on me.. NOW. Maybe I can sport some dresses but.. yeah.. low waist dresses on me, erhm.. don't think so. Gonna cry forever that I was born with the wrong body type! haha. 
What do you think about 20's fashion?

I'm getting bobbed!

As I've been moaning about before, I really can't wait to chop my hair off. I've wanted a bob haircut since years, but been to affraid to cut it, and have always been thinking that it won't fit me. But, I am not cutting it as short as in the pictures, maybe a bit longer. And I think it will fit, and I must stop being such a pussy! I will finally be able to style my hair as I want, without my hair being too heavy and thick. It'll be great!! 
I was a bit nervous at first and thought, 'Oh then I can't do any 40's hairstyles, only 20's and 30's'.. but I've seen many 1940s hairstyle tutorials for short hair lately. So I'm even more exited.
What do you think of the haircut?


Sweet boring monday

Today I woke up and got so pissed 'cause I can't do anything with my hair anymore. It's too thick and heavy. And I can't really wait to get it chopped of. For real!!
Angry me without any makeup on.
But then I put on my favourite skirt (an edwardian one that I bought at Old Touch) and felt a bit happy again.
I went to sign the contract for the apartment today! And I got to chose wallpaper. As I wrote in an earlier post I was thinking about light green (if it was wallPAINT) but it was wallpaper I had to choose and the light green was kind of meaningless and boring so I chose this one. I don't know if it's 20ish or 30ish at all but I love it! And I think It'll look great with my furniture *fingers crossed*. What do you think about it?
All the other wallpapers were so so boring and obviously very modern. But I've always loved a bit of medallion wallpaper, I think it's quite glamorous. I'm thinking like paris boudoir or something, I don't know. Just love it.

Did you guys have a good monday?

A little bit of family history.

Hey lovelies!
Something I love is to look through old photographs of family members or even unknown people. I usually fantasize about how their life looked like and such things. And drool over their hairstyles and outfits of course! So, as I told you in the last post I found some old photographs of my grandmother, grandfather (mums mum and dad, not dads) and other relatives. I've scanned most of the pictures, so there's a bunch of them. Enjoy!

This photograph (as you probably can tell is from the 60's) My grandfather, grandmother, my grandmothers mum and my mum in the front. 

Grandmother and grandfather, I just love this picture. They seem so happy together <3

From the left; my grandmother (look at her outfit!!!), Britta (mum to my mum's cousin rolf), grandmothers mum (her name was Edla Langeville, I soo want to put in Edla as a middle name and change my surname to Langeville. It's in progress!) and little Rolf.

Grandma, grandmas mum and their friends(?). And again, look at my grandma's outfit and hair!!! isn't she pretty? love it. everything! I guess this photo is from the 40's.

Grandma, grandpa and a friend (?)

Grandma on the right (again super pretty, look at her smile!), some friends and Grandmas mum Edla on the right-

Here they are again. I love this pic! Grandma almost hugging her mum, they look so happy!

The little boy to the right was Grandma and grandpas foster child (they got him before my mum was born) Little Håkan. I guess the woman in the picture is is mum.



Grandma, up to the left, with friends.

Mums aunt Sonja, Britta, little rolf and mums uncle Sven. .

Grandpa and a cat <3

A really old photo of an unknown couple

Grandpa and grandma with their bikes <3

My mum, 1962.

My mum to the right with her cousin Inez.

Grandpa on the right (closest to the camera). In the back you can see my grandmas mum Edla again (sitting down) and behind her my mums aunt Sonja.

Mums aunt sonja again (to the right)

Grandpa in the upper line to the left.The third guy on the same line with the hat, nomnomnomnom <3 hehe


An unknown bloke. Love the collar of his sweater!

Mums aunt Sonja!


My mum in the 50's.

Aunt sonjas birthday.

Grandmas mum Edla again having coffee with some chaps!

Unknown family

A soccer team!

Grandpa in the middle!

Grandmas uncle Kurt, and his daughters and wife maybe?

unknown folks!

Grandpa in the middle with black west and hat. Hunting!

Mums uncle Sven on his birthday

Christmas kids!

Unknown woman

Unknown chap!

Mums cousin Rolf

Mum (I think) in the 1950s

Grandma to the left with friends (?) Love her outfit here, and the shoes especially!

Mums uncle sven again

Unknown people. Look at the fine lady in the car to the right! Well you can't see that much but...

Mums uncle Sven to the left? 

Unknown folks. A really old photo I guess

Unknown folks

unknown folks

Unknown folks. I guess in the 20's. Love the cute girls hair and clothes!

Very old photo of a dapper chap!

very old photo again

Unknown folks

Mums aunt sonja with a lot of flowers

Mums uncle Sven.
Hope you enjoyed it! I surely did.

A new home.

So, I have some news for you lovely readers. I got the apartment I was looking at last monday. My first real apartment. MINE!!! It's crazy. I still can't believe it really. I haven't really been able to sleep properly this week as I've been too stressed about the whole thing, as I didn't know if I got it or not. I've been dreaming about colors, interior and all such things. I know exactly how i'm going to decorate it. It's a pretty small apartment (1 room and a tiny little kitchenette) but it's bigger than the one I have now. So, I'm thrilled to start! The moving in date is December 1. I've been thinking about what color I'm going to paint my walls in. It's yellow wallpapers at the moment, bright yellow if I remember right. Quite cute, I like yellow. But you can see som spots here and there as theyre quite old, so. I think I want bright green walls. I love bright green, sort of like this:
What do you think?
The kitchenette is all white, super super white. I don't like at all. It's 50's cabinets though, really pretty! but the color, uugh. I haven't figured out yet what to paint them in. Any suggestions?
I want it to feel like youre walking in to a 1920's or 1930's home. So that's what I'm aiming for, with furniture and everything. I won't be able to have 1920s and 1930s furniture only, even though most of my furnitures are old. I have to mix with 40s and 50s furniture and bits too of course (and newer things I guess:(..) But the 20's and 30's is what I'm aiming for. Wish me luck! hehe.

Here are some inspiration for a 1920s/30s home:
By the way, I had a nice time at my mums today, we ate dinner and looked through old photographs of my grandmother, grandfather, other relatives and unknown people. I was soo thrilled to see all this photos. My mum hasn't even been telling me about them! So stay tuned because on sunday (I'm working all day tomorrow) I'll post all of the photos here. Photos from the late 1800's until the 60's. They are amazing!!


Happy birthday Veronica Lake

Happy Birthday to Veronica lake who'd been 89 years old today! I'm celebrating it by watching "I wanted wings" and drinking tons of tea. She's just so stunning I can't take my eyes off of her. 


Pretty Kim!

This is my friend Kim! I met her at instagram, actually. And I completely fell in love with her sense of style. When we met it felt like love at first sight! haha. Even though I haven't been at her place yet and actually seen her wardrobe I know I'm really jealous of it. All her clothes are freaking perfect! And not to mention her hair! She looks exactly like she's teleported from the 40's I think. Isn't she pretty?
I think it's super fun to meet someone that has the same interests as you. All of my other friends arent into vintage like I am. So Kim and I kinda clicked!


Photoshoot with Else

Jag fotade Else igen för en ny serie, ni kan hitta resten av bilderna på min facebook sida: och på min fotoblogg (alla bilder har dock inte kommit upp där än): . Och så måste ni ju självklart säga vad ni tycker om bilderna! Behöver all feedback jag kan få ;)
Three photos from my photoshoot I had last sunday with Else. You can find the rest of the photos on my facebook page:  or on my photoblog: (all of the photos are not up there yet though).. feel free to say what you think about the photos! I need all feedback I can get ;)


Sugar, oh sugar

Idag hade jag en randig blus på mig, den är fin.

Sen så firade jag att jag inte rört en sockerbit på fem veckor genom att vräka i mig munkar och dyl (nej allt detta var inte till mig) hujedamej, då skulle jag behöva magpumpas!

mmmm choklad! skoja inte vad jag njöt. 
Nu mår jag mest illa och vill aldrig röra socker igen, så det ska jag nog låta bli med! Iaf tills om en månad då jag blir sådär dunder sugen igen (om jag blir det, let's hope not. fingers crossed)
Today I've been celebrating my 5 weeks without sugar... by.... eating a lot of donuts! No, all those donuts werent for me only. Thank god. It was soo good, but now I feel sick and I don't wanna touch a piece of sugar again!

Collecting vintage make up

Jag har en känsla av att jag har lagt upp dessa filmsnuttar tidigare. Men nu gör jag det igen. Jag är helt AMAZED av allt vintage smink. Jag ska fan också börja samla på det, det ska bli min grej. Säkert as svårt att få tag på men det struntar jag i, oh vad jag ska leta!
Vintage make up, I'm amazed! I'm gonna start collecting too. Really.

Photos from my week end

Hallå i stugan. Här var det tomt. Men nu skriver jag för att tala om att jag lever (sort of), hehe. Min helg har sett ut såhär: 
Jag var på bio med Jessicka i fredags och vi såg Paranormal activity 4, inte alls så dålig som alla tjatar om. Men inte super bra heller. Här går jag lös på popcornen (som ni ser).. jag som inte ens gillar popcorn. Men har man inte ätit en endaste sockerbit/snacks/chips bit på 5 veckor så blir man djurisk av sig. typ

fina biosalongen i vällingby! Älskar bilderna på de gamla skådisarna.

Jag har kollat på dokumentär om Vivien Leigh, himskans intressant och oj oj sicken skönhet hon var! smalt lite
Dreglat över fina 20 och 30-tals toalettbord som detta. EN vacker dag ska jag hitta det perfekta!! Letar som en tok. Ingen som har ett till salu?! 
Har även kikat på gamla filmer som Grand Hotel och dreglat över deras fina kläder, och Greta Garbo i sig självklart. Och Joan crawford.
Även vart inne på ebay och etsy som en tok och kikat på kläder och annat krims krams (vilket jag gör typ varje dag men iaf) kolla bara på denna från 20-talet!

Har ni haft en bra helg?
ps. gillar ni min nya header? hehe
I've had such a nice week end, went to the cinema with jessicka, watched documentaries about old movie stars, drooled over 1920s and 1930s dressingtables, watched Grand hotel and drooled again over their nice clothes, and drooled a bit more while searching for nice things on ebay and etsy. 

3 stars on a Friday

Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh & Ginger Rogers

Idag är det fredag och jag vill posta ett litet inlägg till minnet av dessa tre otroligt vackra kvinnor som jag blir grymt inspirerad av. Alltså, fuck!!!! man skulle ha levt förr. JAG VILL HA DERAS UTSEENDE. NU.
Annars då? ska ni göra något skoj i helgen? Jag ska ha det KUNG. Jag ska hänga med Jessicka, jobba och fotografera för ett nytt projekt. AMAZING. Puss på er
Three gorgeous ladies I'm truly inspired by. Look at them! It's freaking crazy. I also want to look like this!!! I wanna live back then. Daaaamn

1940s makeup tutorial

Hej fina. Idag har jag jobbat lite och mest varit lat, har även gjort en ny tutorial under dagens gång. Där jag visar hur jag gör min vardags sminkning typ, minus läppstiftet då. Om jag inte vill vara extra fin. Här är den! 

Jag känner fortfarande att jag halvsuger på tutorials. Haha. Men roligt att fixa! what do ya say?
Hey lovelies!
I made a little tutorial today, how I do my makeup almost everyday. What do ya think? I know, I'm still new to this tutorial thing... hahaha. 



Hej fina! Idag var jag och kikade på läkarmissionen här i Vällingby. De har ju flyttat till en större och mycket fräschare lokal. Och gud vad det fanns mycket mer fina grejer! Tom pälskappor hade dem, de har jag aldrig sett på läkarmissionen. Titta bara denna fina:

Denna var också himlans fin tycker jag! Fan att inte pengarna finns.
Men sen då! då hittade jag min drömlampa. Precis en sådan jag har letat efter since forever. Och pengarna finns fortfarande inte, JAG DÖR!!!!!!! gick med gråten i halsen därifrån, typ. 

I went to a charity shop today called "läkarmissionen".. Found a nice fur coat, another coat wich I love and... AND the lamp of my dreams! The one I've been looking for forever. It stood there right in front of me! I'm so in love. But I didn't have any money so I couldn't buy it. Went home crying!

Great monday

Igår skulle jag iväg på lägenhetsvisning och jag hade perfekt hårdag! 

Titta bara! I löööve

Tog en promenad och sjöng en del.. tills jag insåg.....
Att håret självklart var super flat igen. Jag blev bitter. Fasiken vad jag hatar mitt hår ibland.

Håll tummarna för mig föresten! på lägenhetsvisningen var det bara jag och en annan tjej! så kan bli jag som får den :) hurra!
I had a great hairday yesterday! but as soon as I got out it got flat, of course. Sometimes I hate my hair (most of the times)


Ammelie kom hit tidigare på dagen och ville att jag skulle piffa till henne lite, och det gjorde jag så gärna!

Vid tre tiden kom fina Kim också!

Det såg ut såhär ett tag

Och såhär. Och vi drack en del vin oxå, och åt middag!


Jag och Kim redo för att gå ut och svira!

Jag bytte till hatt istället, kändes bra.

På Rocket Room såg vi bland annat Los straitjackets, drack öl och hade det allmänt trevligt. Fin kväll!
My saturday. A lovely evening! We went to Rocket room and saw Los straitjackets and other bands, we drank beer and had a blast.

How to wear your hair and makeup

Älskar den här filmen! Den ger jätte bra tips på hur man ska matcha frisyr och smink beroende på vilken ansiktsform man har! 
I love this movie! Great tips.

Saturdays Outfit

Igårkväll såg jag ut såhär. Uppklädd för en kväll i Rockabillyns anda, på Rocket Room.
Hur kvällen såg ut får ni se senare!
This is what I wore yesterday. I went to Rocket Room with Kim, I'll post more photos later!

Sleepless nights

Foto: Jag

En rhytm'n'blues Torsdag

Igår jobbade jag en sväng, drog hem och pudrade näsan och tog mig sen in mot stan.

Egentligen var jag mer såhär taggad. Mitt 'exited face'

Mötte upp Ammelie som var såhär taggad och vi drog till Underbara bar...

....för att se Joe and the Hornets! de var lika bra som sist jag såg dem, om inte bättre!
Och titta vad jag fick med mig! Nu måste jag bara skaffa mig en gammal fin vinylspelare. Vilket jag har tänkt göra i sisådär hundra år. Fin torsdagskväll helt enkelt!
I went in to city yesterday to meet Ammelie, we went to 'Underbara bar' to see Joe and the Hornets. They were awesome, as usual. Lovely thursday evening!

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