Lina Tsutsumi

Hey guys! I want to share with you my lovely friend Lina's blog. Lina's dream is to become a music producer, and I'm sure she will get there one day! So, click on her blog and you will see music and also read about her daily life! (which we all love to read about right? maybe it's just me, I love to read more about the person)

Be sure to check it out, you won't be dissapointed I'm telling you!

Great news

Hello my dear readers. I've got some exiting news for you. I've decided that 2013 shall be my year, and I've been sending out loads of emails to a couple of places. Yesterday I sent one to kulturhuset/lava here in stockholm and asked if I could have an exhibiton there. It's free for people under 25. And as soon as today I got a mail back and the woman there told me she liked my photos, AND I'm going there next week for a meeting, to talk about everything. So please, lovely readers, keep your fingers crossed for me!

xxx Josefine

Haunted wedding veils

I had the day off yesterday and did almost nothing at all. Watched films and walked around in my cute wedding veil from the thirties dreaming about my groom who's not existing, it feels like :(

I was also wearing:
1930's pyjama jacket - Ebay
Edwardian skirt (which you can't see, almost) - Old Touch

Josefine xx

1930s portraits

Hello darlings! When Jens was here last week end he started to go through my wardrobe and dressed me up a bit. "Here, put this dress on" and: "these earrings too" and suddenly we thought we had to take some photos of the end result. Some sort of 1930's portraits, what do you think? I know I'm the worst model in the history ;) But I kinda like the photos anyway!
I've always wanted to try more of a 'backslick' hairstyle a la the 30's and I freakin' loved it!

xxx Josefine


Dreaming away about men like these. Sweet jesus!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say.
Oh Marlon, you sure know how to make my legs shiver :O

Downton Abbey exhibition and cinnamon buns

Hey lovelies! I've been terribly busy with work and other things last week, but now wanted to share with you some photos from my weekend! Or, mostly of how I spent my Sunday. 
Jens came to me (and stayed at my place) on saturday evening. We had such a lovely time, ate a super delicious dinner and dessert. AH <3

On Sunday we went to town to meet up with Jens grandma and the three of us visited Hallwylska wich is a museum here in Stockholm, were they have a Downtown Abbey exhibition at the moment. We saw the downtown abbey exhibition (of course) and after that we went on a little tour with a guide who showed us some nice rooms and told us a lot about the history of the museum. About the countess Wilhelmina von hallwyll and count Whalther won hallwyll. It was soo interesting. Here are some photos from our day at the museum:

I was happy like a little kid on christmas when we finally walked in, BEAUTIFUL interior, literally died.

The clothes were amazing! as you probably can tell I wandered around there drooling. Look at the details!

Found some gorgeous herb cans, the funny thing is I found almost identical ones at the charity shop the day before. And I DIDN'T buy them. I hope they're still there, I need them.

The furniture was to DIE for!!!!!!! I want my apartment to look like that!


Amazing dresses!


This was one of my favourite dresses! It's sooo fabolous I would die to have it in my wardrobe.

My second favourite dress! Just look at it :O droool

these two were also pretty as hell!

and now some photos from the tour we went on (not the Downton Abbey exhibition)

Countess Wilhelmina and Count Walthers bedroom. It was AMAZING

Some of countess Wilhelminas porcelain collection. I have a similar porcelain figure that I got from my mums neighbors old grandma (who's been dead since forever).. for free. Nice nice

More beautiful porcelain!
After the museum we went to an cafe and had a little "fika" as we say in sweden. The most tasty cinnamon bun I've eaten in years! sort of. 
Hope your week end was amazing too!
josefine xxx

mon cherie

Jens and I are going to the theatre tonight to watch 'Cherie' by Colette, wich is a play that is set in 1920's Paris (can't go wrong there according to me).. I've been wanting to see this a while since I first saw the poster of it, exited! 
Sorry for you non-swedish-speaking ladies but the trailer is in swedish (as the play is too)...
xx Josefine

Wednesday inspiration

Boring post I know. I just wanted to share with you some beautiful photos and some inspiring people.
I love the Victorian and Edwardian era, and I love searching for photos from back then. Ghosts and scary pictures inspires me too. But I bet you did know that by now.
One of Swedens most famous writers, August Strindberg. Damn he was handsome! Love this pic.
More strindberg.
One of my inspirations all time, Theda Bara.

And another, Marie Doro. She was so beautiful. Breathtaking!
Love photos like this! She looks like a beautiful ghost.

Another fine edwardian lady.

xxx Josefine

Productive sunday

I tried a new hair style today. I rolled up my hair in a different way yesterday. Wanted a 40's hairstyle a la TicketyBoo Tupney but got so irritated 'cause my hair couldn't at all look as pretty and perfect as hers. She's truly one of my favourite vintage bloggers and so so inspiring. I mean come on, look at her clothes and hair! P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n, I say. Not jealous at all.......
The dress I'm wearing is a forties one that I bought in Camden when I still lived in London. I love the flower details on it, and it's perfect now when it's colder as it's quite warm. I feel I've written that before by the way? Anyway. He he. So Sunday again today, what have you all been up to? I've been grocery shopping and cleaning, and now *sigh* it's time for cooking. TIRED. 
xx Josefine 

Hollywood glamour

My best friend Jessicka stayed with me for a couple of days last week, and one afternoon we decided to have a little photoshoot. So here's the result. What do you think? isn't she beautiful? Love you darling!

Josefine xx

Like a dream

Hey lovelies! I just came across these amazing photos of my favourite city, London. For you guys who know me are aware of that London is my other home. I've been there probably about 27 times now, worked and lived there for 5 months. I've got so many memories from London and I am totally sure I was an english man in my further life, somewhere in the 1800's. Anyway, here are some photos from 1920-1933:

Billingsgate Fish Market jetty looking north towards Tower Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge and Bankside from the north bank of the Thames
Buckingham Palace at night

Charing Cross Road

Children beneath Southwark Bridge

Covent Garden Underground Station from Long Acre

Crowds outside 'The Newspaper House', Fleet Street

Entrance to Blackfriars Station, Queen Victoria Street

Forecourt of Victoria Station

Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Pier

Benbow Wharf, Bankside

London Pavillion Theatre and Coventry Street from Piccadilly Circus

Monument Street near Billingsgate Market

Trafalgar Square from the steps of St Martin's-in-the-Fields

Trafalgar Square looking south


Whitehall from Parliament Square

Looking southwest from Lower Custom House Stairs

St.Pauls Church Covent Garden

Sunrise over the Upper pool and Hays Wharf

Visitors on the steps of the Tate Gallery
Photographer: George Reid
Josefine xx

Happy new year!!

I'm not dead! I've just been very busy (or none-busy) with things. I thought I should share some photo's of my new years eve. Did you guys have a good one? 
My friend Carro and I went to an old pub called 'Kvarnen' wich also now has a nightclub. It was a brazil themed party, with Samba dancers in cool costumes and other festivities. I had a lovely time!
During the day at work I wore my hair like this, wich I think is more of a day time look, sort of:

And then the evening came and then I did a little updo. The back was a bit messy as I've got to short hair, that's why I pinned it like crazy. Not too pretty with thousands of visible bobby pins maybe but then I sprayed my hair like crazy with sparkly spray so, a little bit better!

I was sparkly everywhere, like Edward. he he
Carro and I.
We met two new friends wich we partied with after the pub closed too.
At my place!

Se you soon!
xx Josefine

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