Jingle bells

My friend Danni and I visited my mum today for a little 'late birthday dinner'. Danni's birthday was yesterday and mine (as you know) last week.
I decided to get out of my comfy clothes, put some make up on and doll up a bit. Quite pleased with my hair today. I want it even more red, but I'm to afraid of bleaching it and then color it red (my hair will die again) so... until then It'll have this brown/redish color. But fair enough.
I wore my blue sequined hat from the fifites (I think), that I love. And matched it with my more dark blue forties dress. It's quite warm, perfect for a cold winter day like this!

We also decorated my mums little christmas tree! I promise, it's so tiny. Like one meter high or something. But super cute!
Whilst we decorated we of course listened to christmas music, and.. ate some chocolate. hehe.
Do you get the christmas feeling? 
Josefine xx


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