Late christmas wishes

Hey lovelies! I've been terribly bus lately, due to all the christmas celebrations and such things. I want to share with you some photos from my last weekend! So here we go:

Last friday my best friend didn't feel that good, so I bought a big bag of candy and took the first train to go see him!
Their christmas tree wasn't the prettiest of all christmas trees....

But hey, nothing's impossible with some gltter and other christmas decoratons! Much better eh?

A cute little squirrel!

A very sleepy bestie at 1 pm and I needed to pee so bad!
After a while he got up and we ate some brunch!

And later that evenng we ate some gingerbread cookies and drank some tea. And wine.... ooops

winter wonderland!

On sunday evening I got home to my mums were I spent my christmas! No christmas without chocolate!

My sleeping area in my old room

Mums kitchen

Woke up on christmas eve, had porridge and other delicous stuff for breakfast.

Little charlie wished you all a merry christmas!
And I did too, lot's of kisses. Love you all!
Did you have a great christmas?!
Josefine xx


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