Lazy sunday

Hey lovelies!

This is me today, who says you can be summery in December? Okay, I didn't actually go out like this (I haven't been out at all today)... yet, and I bet I won't go out anything anyway. Today is a lazy sunday (which most sundays are for me) ... anyway, what I'm wearing is
1930s dress - Etsy
1920s hat - Annies (one of the best Vintage shops in London, well.. I haven't visited them all but...)
Gloves - Flea market find

Here are som other photos of my week end:

After had sleeping for two hours I met Kim and we visited a Vintage Fair. Extremely hungover I drank water mostly, and drooled over all stuff that was there. Here (as you can see) loads of hats!  

I didn't buy anything (yeah you heard me) but was super happy anyway. Now I can buy some of the stuff I've been drooling over at etsy instead!
After the vintage fair I went home to my mums, slept an hour on her couch and then we (my mum, her boyfriend, two of their friends and I) went to a restaurant and ate super nice food.
I ate so much I couldn't barerly move afterwards.
This was a little bit of my weekend! I had the most amazing birthday/housewarming party on Friday evening. Thanks to all of my lovely friends who were there to celebrate me, I had the time of my life!
I'll post all of the photos later, promise!
Josefine xx

Postat av: Ruby Armoire

I want your house and your outfits, HOW do you have so many amazing things?!

Ps you look stunning!

Ruby xx

2012-12-09 @ 23:00:02

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