My new home

Hey Lovelies! I'm so sorry that it's been so empty here, but I haven't had any internet on this stupid computer since I moved in to my new apartment, but now it's sorted and I'M BACK! I have loads of pictures to show you, as I'm all done with the apartment (finally).. I am so so happy with it! seriously. It's just as cosy as I wanted it to be, I am totally in love. Oh, I shouldn't babble as much now. Here's some pictures of ma new fabolous home!

My kitchen cabinets are from the 50's (or probably the whole house is from the 50's?) I love them but I do not like the super white color at all. Can't wait to paint them like mint green or light blue, anything!

Something that really makes me happy is hanging up my clothes on the wall, well that's interior!

Did a little bit of christmas decoration too.

My mum gifted me these super cute cans that belonged to my grandmothers mum, they're from approx 1910! So cute, right? I love them!

I love my vintage christmas elf, isn't he cute?
Hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow it's time for my 1920's housewarming/birthday party, I'm so exited!! So stay tuned I say!!
xxx Josefine


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