A little bit of family history.

Hey lovelies!
Something I love is to look through old photographs of family members or even unknown people. I usually fantasize about how their life looked like and such things. And drool over their hairstyles and outfits of course! So, as I told you in the last post I found some old photographs of my grandmother, grandfather (mums mum and dad, not dads) and other relatives. I've scanned most of the pictures, so there's a bunch of them. Enjoy!

This photograph (as you probably can tell is from the 60's) My grandfather, grandmother, my grandmothers mum and my mum in the front. 

Grandmother and grandfather, I just love this picture. They seem so happy together <3

From the left; my grandmother (look at her outfit!!!), Britta (mum to my mum's cousin rolf), grandmothers mum (her name was Edla Langeville, I soo want to put in Edla as a middle name and change my surname to Langeville. It's in progress!) and little Rolf.

Grandma, grandmas mum and their friends(?). And again, look at my grandma's outfit and hair!!! isn't she pretty? love it. everything! I guess this photo is from the 40's.

Grandma, grandpa and a friend (?)

Grandma on the right (again super pretty, look at her smile!), some friends and Grandmas mum Edla on the right-

Here they are again. I love this pic! Grandma almost hugging her mum, they look so happy!

The little boy to the right was Grandma and grandpas foster child (they got him before my mum was born) Little Håkan. I guess the woman in the picture is is mum.



Grandma, up to the left, with friends.

Mums aunt Sonja, Britta, little rolf and mums uncle Sven. .

Grandpa and a cat <3

A really old photo of an unknown couple

Grandpa and grandma with their bikes <3

My mum, 1962.

My mum to the right with her cousin Inez.

Grandpa on the right (closest to the camera). In the back you can see my grandmas mum Edla again (sitting down) and behind her my mums aunt Sonja.

Mums aunt sonja again (to the right)

Grandpa in the upper line to the left.The third guy on the same line with the hat, nomnomnomnom <3 hehe


An unknown bloke. Love the collar of his sweater!

Mums aunt Sonja!


My mum in the 50's.

Aunt sonjas birthday.

Grandmas mum Edla again having coffee with some chaps!

Unknown family

A soccer team!

Grandpa in the middle!

Grandmas uncle Kurt, and his daughters and wife maybe?

unknown folks!

Grandpa in the middle with black west and hat. Hunting!

Mums uncle Sven on his birthday

Christmas kids!

Unknown woman

Unknown chap!

Mums cousin Rolf

Mum (I think) in the 1950s

Grandma to the left with friends (?) Love her outfit here, and the shoes especially!

Mums uncle sven again

Unknown people. Look at the fine lady in the car to the right! Well you can't see that much but...

Mums uncle Sven to the left? 

Unknown folks. A really old photo I guess

Unknown folks

unknown folks

Unknown folks. I guess in the 20's. Love the cute girls hair and clothes!

Very old photo of a dapper chap!

very old photo again

Unknown folks

Mums aunt sonja with a lot of flowers

Mums uncle Sven.
Hope you enjoyed it! I surely did.

Postat av: Aina

Va kul med gamla bilder! Men vad hade din familj och mormor för yrke, om hon hade ett? Vore kul att veta.

2012-11-19 @ 11:26:07
URL: http://ainaks.blogg.se
Postat av: Josefine

Visst är det? älskart :) mormor jobbade på kolmårdens sjukhus innan hon fick mamma, sen blev hon hemmafru :) och morfar jobbade med marmor! :D

2012-11-19 @ 20:32:49
URL: http://avintageboudoir.blogg.se/

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