A new home.

So, I have some news for you lovely readers. I got the apartment I was looking at last monday. My first real apartment. MINE!!! It's crazy. I still can't believe it really. I haven't really been able to sleep properly this week as I've been too stressed about the whole thing, as I didn't know if I got it or not. I've been dreaming about colors, interior and all such things. I know exactly how i'm going to decorate it. It's a pretty small apartment (1 room and a tiny little kitchenette) but it's bigger than the one I have now. So, I'm thrilled to start! The moving in date is December 1. I've been thinking about what color I'm going to paint my walls in. It's yellow wallpapers at the moment, bright yellow if I remember right. Quite cute, I like yellow. But you can see som spots here and there as theyre quite old, so. I think I want bright green walls. I love bright green, sort of like this:
What do you think?
The kitchenette is all white, super super white. I don't like at all. It's 50's cabinets though, really pretty! but the color, uugh. I haven't figured out yet what to paint them in. Any suggestions?
I want it to feel like youre walking in to a 1920's or 1930's home. So that's what I'm aiming for, with furniture and everything. I won't be able to have 1920s and 1930s furniture only, even though most of my furnitures are old. I have to mix with 40s and 50s furniture and bits too of course (and newer things I guess:(..) But the 20's and 30's is what I'm aiming for. Wish me luck! hehe.

Here are some inspiration for a 1920s/30s home:
By the way, I had a nice time at my mums today, we ate dinner and looked through old photographs of my grandmother, grandfather, other relatives and unknown people. I was soo thrilled to see all this photos. My mum hasn't even been telling me about them! So stay tuned because on sunday (I'm working all day tomorrow) I'll post all of the photos here. Photos from the late 1800's until the 60's. They are amazing!!



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