Monday vintage shopping!

Hello lovelies! It's rather empty here, I know. But I'll try to change that ;) I'm currently packing all my stuff as I'm moving in to my new apartment on friday. Soo loads of things to do but soo little time! hehe. Anyway, I didn't pack anything at all today almost, as mum and I had a little 'shopping day'. But first, we had lunch at a lovely restaurant. This is my lasagna, It was delicious!! 

After our lunch, we visited 'Old Touch' which is my favourite vintage shop in sweden, as you guys probably know by now ;)
I tried some shoes! When I'm there I always find shoes that are too small.. or, as most of them are:
wayy too big. I mean, come on! My feet are quite average in size, but heelll did women have enormous feet back then? It seems like it. Oh well oh well.

I then found this amazing coat!
Excuse the bad photo, my mum doesn't know how to handle an Iphone ;) anyway, I fell completely in love with this coat. It was a bit expencive for me at the moment, and I'm not really looking for a coat as I have my fur coat and an other blue vintage thingy (which isn't as pretty or old as this one, at all but anyway).. but as it really fitted me (it was like made for me, I promise you!) my mum told the staff to reserve it for me and that she will buy it later for me as a birthday gift. How kind is she?! Quite funny though, when I first saw the coat I thought 'oh no, this is way to small for me. It won't fit'.. and then I just put it on and it fitted properly. Super happy.
I was almost taking the 30't hat with me home too (the one i'm wearing) but left it there. why? yeah, good question.

But the found of the day must probaly be this beauty:
A 1920's sweater/top. I DIED when I saw it and took it immediately, tried it on and it fitted too. Such a comfy fabric as well (don't know what it's called). Love the colors on it, omg this beauty and I will have such an amazing time together I'm sure.
Bought some undies too!
Which also fitted perfectly! What hapepned? I never find clothes that fit! haha
So this was a little glimpse of my monday. How was yours?


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