Pretty Kim!

This is my friend Kim! I met her at instagram, actually. And I completely fell in love with her sense of style. When we met it felt like love at first sight! haha. Even though I haven't been at her place yet and actually seen her wardrobe I know I'm really jealous of it. All her clothes are freaking perfect! And not to mention her hair! She looks exactly like she's teleported from the 40's I think. Isn't she pretty?
I think it's super fun to meet someone that has the same interests as you. All of my other friends arent into vintage like I am. So Kim and I kinda clicked!


Postat av: Ruby Armoire

I love Instagram for the same reason, it's such a lovely way to connect with like minded people:) Kim is just as gorgeous as you!

Ruby xx

2012-11-16 @ 06:23:06

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