Sweet boring monday

Today I woke up and got so pissed 'cause I can't do anything with my hair anymore. It's too thick and heavy. And I can't really wait to get it chopped of. For real!!
Angry me without any makeup on.
But then I put on my favourite skirt (an edwardian one that I bought at Old Touch) and felt a bit happy again.
I went to sign the contract for the apartment today! And I got to chose wallpaper. As I wrote in an earlier post I was thinking about light green (if it was wallPAINT) but it was wallpaper I had to choose and the light green was kind of meaningless and boring so I chose this one. I don't know if it's 20ish or 30ish at all but I love it! And I think It'll look great with my furniture *fingers crossed*. What do you think about it?
All the other wallpapers were so so boring and obviously very modern. But I've always loved a bit of medallion wallpaper, I think it's quite glamorous. I'm thinking like paris boudoir or something, I don't know. Just love it.

Did you guys have a good monday?


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